Fordham Student Anton Karabushin Releases Nu Jazz Single “Central Park Archive”

Anton Karabushin, a 19 year-old singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer, has released his latest Nu Jazz single, “Central Park Archives.” Currently a student at Fordham University and originally from Denver, CO, Karabushin began his composing career in May 2020, now having released five singles featuring genres from classical piano to Drum & Bass and incorporating multiple languages in the process. 

Anton is a first-generation American who makes music he loves, and does not limit himself to one single genres. “Summer Days” fell in the range of synthpop, while “Look in the Closet” took on a more metal feel, while featuring his native Russian language intermittently.

A self described Renaissance Man, arrived at Fordham at Lincoln Center to pursue music, theater, and a higher education all at the same time. Trained in classical piano from age 5 to 16, Anton sang in many school and city choirs from a young age, these two musical foundations made him “nitpicky” about harmonies and vocal tone

“Central Park Archive” was the result of a spontaneous decision to carry my Alesis MIDI Keyboard to Sheep Meadow at around 11am on a Thursday. The cool yet sunny atmosphere of the park and the people there really sparked my creativity, and as 4pm rolled around, the song was nearly complete. The title arrived from my feeling that the sounds encapsulated what it is to walk through Central Park. It is an “archive” because this song embodies that sensation in any time, past, future or present. 

Anton Karabushin

Anton cites Aphex Twin, Mid-Air Thief and the Strawberry Guy, as well as newew influences including artists Nujabes and The Avalanches. Utilizing a MIDI to recreate sampling sounds, he notes Nujabes’ song “Horizon” having a direct influence on “Central Park Archive,” and synthpop band Homeshake helping to form his synth x vocals vibe. 

Karabushin released “Central Park Archive” on November 19, using his newly developed electronic music production skills. A true self-taught artist in music production and vocal/instrument recording, Anton’s plan is to finish his bachelor’s degree at Fordham University at Lincoln Center and simultaneously create music he truly loves.

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