Brooklyn Comes Alive 2021 is reborn with new venue and lineup

In March of 2020, Brooklyn Comes Alive was set to be a masterpiece at the new Avant Gardner in, you guessed it, Brooklyn. Just days before the event would take place the governor put New York in lockdown due to COVID-19. It was one of the first events cancelled due to the pandemic, but it would not be the last.

Multiple online off-shoots of the event have sprung up over the last year and a half. Justice Comes Alive and Georgia Comes Alive, for example, were highly successful online festivals, meant as a way to spread the word about, and fight injustice and bring our country closer to salvation. After a year and half away, the “6th” inaugural Brooklyn Comes Alive will take place at the Brooklyn Mirage, the massive outdoor venue of Avant Gardner on Sunday, September 26th, 2021.

The lineup includes two sets of The Disco Biscuits who, coming off a cancelled weekend in New Haven, will have plenty up their sleeve for the event. The night is rounded off by sets from Karina Rykman, Break Science: Live Band, The Motet, and a trio made up of Joe Russo, John Medeski, and Dave Harrington. It wouldn’t be Brooklyn Comes Alive without at least one super-group. The night will also be hosted by none other than Sirius Jam On’s, Ari Fink.

Instead of the normal event with multiple stages and venues, this year they decided to keep it simple and safe. The outdoor venue will provide ample room and fresh air for fans, with the King’s Hall being open as well for bathrooms, full bar, and a place to relax in between sets. This will also ensure fans don’t miss a second of music.

Tickets for Brooklyn Comes Alive 2021 are available here.

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