Megadeth and Lamb of God bring the Metal Tour of the Year to Jones Beach

Wantagh hosted “The Metal Tour Of The Year” at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater, featuring Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium, & Hatebreed. Billed as “The Metal Tour Of The Year” and rightfully so, as each one of these bands could easily headline their own respective tours.

Fans of all ages packed in the beautiful Jones Beach Theater in Long Island in a buzz waiting for the show to begin. Originally scheduled to open the tour was In Flames, but due to COVID the band ultimately decided not to tour. Hatebreed graciously accepted the position and gave a fantastic heavy, fast paced set that really set the bar for the show.

While only performing 8 songs in total, Hatebreed didn’t slow down at all performing favorites such as: “I Will be Heard”, “Smash your Enemies”, an epic Slayer cover of “Ghosts of War”, and “Perseverance”. While their set flew by, they finished with an exclamation point with their hit “Destroy Everything”. Hatebreed was the perfect replacement for In Flames to open this tour, and fans were very welcoming and receptive to their performance.

Following Hatebreed, Trivium is set to take the stage and fans are starting to fill in the theater. Anticipation was certainly high as the crowd chanted the bands name prior to them taking the stage. After a brief instrumental prelude, Trivium roars right into their new hit “In The Court of The Dragon” which sends Jones Beach into a roar. While also only playing an 8 song set, Trivium flowed seamlessly through their performance. Following up right into “Catastrophist” and then “IX” really showcased how tight of a band Trivium is. It is unfortunate they were only allotted 8 songs, though all of them being their top hits which included “What The Dead Men Say”, “Down From The Sky”, “The Heart From your Hate”, “Feast of Fire” and closing with “In Waves”. Triviums stage presence was something to be admired as singer/guitarist Matt Heafy moved around the stage and interacted with the crowd. Overall their set was very well done for the time they had allotted.

Next up was the co-headliner of the tour, and one of the biggest metal bands in the modern era – Lamb of God. Lamb of God is known for their absolutely captivating live shows, with an energy that is just unmatched by singer Randy Blythe. Tonight would be no different, as the crowd chants “Lamb of God, Lamb of God” over and over waiting for their show to start.

Opening with “Momento Mori” the lights are all dimmed down as the intro places and the band one by one takes their places on stage. As the intro progresses Randy Blythe makes his way front and center perfectly times as he opens with a epic scream of “Wake Up” and the band immediately fires on all cylinders. Randy Blythe isn’t just any front man, he is one of the absolute best in the business and commands your attention with his stage presence. From the beginning to the end of their set, Blythe doesn’t stop moving and jumping around the stage, feeding off of the crowds energy. Their set was fast paced, heavy, and in my opinion one of the best live metal shows to see.

Their set included a mix of old and new songs, all of which fit perfectly into their performance. Going right into “Ruin” the crowd doesn’t have any time to relax, as the mosh pit grows in ferocity and crowd surfers are seemingly nonstop. One of the highlights of their set was the third song, “Walk With Me In Hell” which included an enormous amount of pyrotechnics. Randy also played into the pyro of the set, performing a glorious jump off the drum risers as the flames were all rising at once. The rest of their 12 song set included hits “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For”, “512”, “Vigil” “Contractor”, “Laid To Rest”, and ending their performance with the very high energy “Redneck”. Lamb of God is a must see for any fan of metal music whenever they come around.

Lamb of God Setlist: Momento Mori > Ruin > Walk With Me In Hell > Resurrection Man > Now You’ve Got Something To Die For > Set To Fail > New Colossal Hate > 512 > Vigil > Contractor > Laid to Rest > Redneck

It was finally a time for Megadeth to take the stage and fans were pumped after Lamb of Gods performance. While not as heavy of a band, Megadeth are legends and are one of the “Big 4″(Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax being the others) so fans were in for a treat tonight. Vocalist and founder Dave Mustaine recently won a battle with throat cancer, which makes seeing them perform that much more special.

Opening with “Hangar 18” the crowd erupts into applause and screams as Dave takes the stage dressed in a white shirt and jeans. The band sounded great and Mustaine was still performing exceptionally well, especially giving the circumstances he has gone through. The production was top notch with the drums also sitting high up on risers and a giant blue “MEGADETH” sign lit up the background. The band transitioned extremely well between songs, playing “The Threat Is Real” right into “Sweating Bullets.”

Highlights of Megadeths set were during “Dystopia” when Vic Rattlehead appeared with a robot(Vic Rattlehead is the mascot Megadeth and is a skeletal figure wearing a suit who embodies the phrase “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” as well as a symbol of censorship.) and during “Tornado of Souls” when Dace announced that tomorrow is his 60th birthday, which then the crowd sang “Happy Birthday”. Megadeth closed out their set with “Peace Sells” and “Holy Wars.. The Punishment Due” in epic fashion, with everyone in Jones Beach Theater giving applause.

The Metal Tour of The Year is definitely one worth seeing, as all these bands are fantastic and put on such a great performance. It was a great feeling to be back to a packed metal show again, which hopefully is a positive sign of the future for more shows.

Megadeth Setlist: Hangar 18 > The Threat Is Real > Sweating Bullets > She-Wolf > The Conjuring > Trust > Conquer or Die! > Dystopia > Tornado of Souls > Symphony of Destruction > Peace Sells > Holy Wars.. The Punishment Due


Lamb of God



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