Inaugural LonCon Music Festival Captures Lightning in a Bottle

The inaugural LonCon Music Festival took place over August 27-29, 2021 at the legendary Arrowhead Ranch and Retreat in Parksville, NY. Organized by Long Island up-and-comers Baked Shrimp, the two day event served as a tribute to the late Lon Gellman, a well-known and beloved supporter of live music. 

Fans attending LonCon 2021 saw performances by Twiddle frontman Mihali, Dogs in a Pile, RCA, Creamery Station, and artist-at-large, Hayley Jane. Unfortunately just two acts into day one, torrential rains and an intense lighting storm forced all music to be suspended due to safety concerns.  Originally scheduled headliners Aqueous were unable to play their set. While gloomy and on the cusp of rain throughout all of Saturday, LonCon managed to rock on without a hitch. 

RCA, comprised of Dopapod’s Rob Compa and Kung Fu members Chris DeAngelis and Adrian Tramontano, played mostly songs off Compa’s 2019 debut solo album, Same Damn Thing. In a set filled with more teases than you could count, including moe.’s “Rebubula” and the Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood,” the undisputed highlight came when artist at large Hayley Jane sat in for a ferocious take on Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughta Know.”

Due to their opening day set being cut short by lightning, event organizers Baked Shrimp played an extra long mid-day set to make up for lost time.  Picking up right where they left off by completing a “Rosa” jam, the ambitious young band also debuted “Hurricane Jane,” which saw both Hayley Jane and Rob Compa sit in. 

Jersey Shore jam band Dogs In A Pile immediately raised the energy on the farm to a whole new level.  Distinguished by their colorful outfits, two guitar-attack and otherworldly sounds courtesy of multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Kaplan, the band managed to turn the soggy farmland into a veritable dance floor.  Making her third appearance of the afternoon, Hayley Jane returned to the stage once again, this time with a washboard draped around her neck, joining Dogs in a Pile on a rollicking version of the beloved The Band classic “Ophelia.” Not done with sit in’s just yet,  Rob Compa would later join the band for an extra funky rendition of ‘Boogie on Reggae Woman.”

With nightfall now upon LonCon 2021, Day 2 headliner Mihali Savoulidis took the stage shortly after 8pm.  Before starting his set, Mihali spoke candidly about his special connection to the late Lon Gellman and explained just how much of an honor it was for him to be there at this inaugural event.  He would go on to play a sentimental set, highlighted by Twiddle staples “Apples,” “Mamunes the Faun,””Every Soul,”and “Hattie’s Jam” > “When It Rains It Pours,” and “River Drift.” Other highlights included an impressive mashup medley of “Glycerine” > “No Woman No Cry” > “Farmhouse” > “Wagon Wheel” and Hayley Jane joining on a cover of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.” The set also featured sit-in’s from Kung Fu/RCA drummer Adrian Tramontano and Baked Shrimp members Jared Cowen and Jager Soss.

Mihali Setlist: Be There (1), Collective pulse (1), Glycerine -> No Woman No Cry ->Wagon Wheel -> Farmhouse-> One Day, Ballad of the Broken (2), Living is the Lesson, Don’t Speak (3), Cali Roads (3), Open House (4), Heart Song, Apples, River Drift, Empty Overflow, Mamunes the Faun (5), Every Soul (6)
Encore: Hatties Jam (1) -> When it Rains it Pours

(1) Dedicated to Lon Conscious
(2) Formally known as CaliRado
(3) W/ Hayley Jane
(4) Formally known as Castle in the Sky
(5) w/ Jager Soss (Drums; Baked Shrimp) Jared Cowen (Guitar; Baked Shrimp)
(6) w/ Adrian Tramontano (Drums; RCA / Kung Fu)

Baked Shrimp Setlists

Friday, August 27
Setlist: NO2-4U, Molly Ann, Tulu, Melting Over Nothing, Pork Etiquette, Rosa (1)
(1) Cut short due to lightning storm.

Saturday, August 28
Setlist: One Set: Rosa (1), Weird Times, Who are You and What am I?, Ollie Blu, Hurricane Jane (2), Stomatopoda, Level of Gold, Pig Hearts and Mechanical Parts, Super Human Mutant, Benny, Down the Drain -> Equinox
(1) Ending jam only; completes 8/27/21 version

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