Japanese Breakfast Returns to Rochester with a new era for creativity

Indie rock band Japanese Breakfast returned to Rochester on August 3. Earlier this year, Japanese Breakfast released their newest album Jubilee. This textured and imaginative album brought even more joy when the songs were performed live. 

Opener Mannequin Pussy brought intense energy to Anthology. The Philadelphia punk band is made up of Missy on lead vocals and guitar, Colins “Bear” Regisford on bass, and Kaleen Reading on drums. Michelle from Japanese Breakfast described this trio as the “punk self-help motivational speaker that we all need.”  

Front woman Michelle Zauner has transferred from her previous album dealing with grief to now a new era searching for happiness. Michelle keeps her ambitions high while constantly trying to search for new ways to express indescribable feelings. She has utilized her love of creation to develop unique tracks that cater to her childhood love in an adult catered world.      

When Japanese Breakfast took the stage there was instant euphoria that took over the crowd. The band opened with their popular song “Paprika” that sent the crowd into a dreamlike state. The profound instrumentation in addition to Michelle’s airy vocals made the vision for the album come alive on stage. 

Returning to Rochester after previously playing at the Bug Jar in 2018, Japanese Breakfast paid tribute to many die-hard fans in the crowd. Some fan favorites of the night included “Be Sweet,” “Posing in Bondage,” and “Everybody Wants to Love You.” A member from Mannequin Pussy even joined on stage as well. She performed a saxophone solo for Michelle’s single that’s dedicated to her love for soccer: “Slide Tackle.”  

With a packed crowd, entrancing instrumentals, and Michelle’s angelic vocals, the performance left everyone mesmerized. Japanese Breakfast is continuing on their tour throughout the U.S. and even returning to Brooklyn in the fall. Tickets are available here

Setlist: Paprika, Be Sweet, In Heaven, The Woman That Loves You, Kokomo, IN, Tactics, Boyish, The Body Is a Blade, Savage Good Boy, In Hell, Posing in Bondage, Road Head, Slide Tackle, Ballad 0 (Bumper Cover), Everybody Wants to Love You, Posing for Cars
Encore: Diving Woman

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