Electronic Artist Nick Newhouse Releases Captivating Debut Single

Nick Newhouse, an electronic artist from New York City, finds the beauty in nightmares with his debut single “Every Night (In My Dreams).” This song is the tip of the iceberg for Newhouse’s new musical project. It creatively captures the love-hate relationship that Newhouse has with sleep, sleep deprivation, dreams, nightmares, and underwater spaces.

Nick Newhouse is a brilliant musician that is constantly fixated on existential themes and chilling production. He has recently moved away from his dance-oriented roots to dive deeper into his own thoughts and write music that reflects his imagination. He finds inspiration from underwater spaces and dream worlds, and his music is designed for listeners that hate going to sleep but never want to wake up. “Every Night (In My Dreams)” is the hallmark of his new music project, including dark lyrics and lush melodies.

“Every Night (In My Dreams)” is the first of several tracks that Nick plans to release in 2021. The debut single is paired with an ethereal music video that visualizes many of Nick’s non-musical influences as well as his fears.

Newhouse’s raw talent paired with his lyrical vulnerability makes him a captivating artist–listeners are able to relate to his lyrics while also feeling strongly moved by the enticing electronic beats that he produces. “Every Night (In My Dreams)” is the perfect song for the artist to start with because it is exemplary of his audio and visual aesthetic, but is only the tip of the iceberg of his career.

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