Eggy Served Up Westport: Beyond These Walls With Futuristic Dine In Or Take Out Stream

On Thursday, July 15, Eggy demonstrated precision and class on the precipice of a new era for live music at Levitt Pavilion in Westport, CT, continuing to carry momentum outside the pandemic incubator.

Eggy Levitt Pavilion Westport, CT

Beauty in venue, music, fashion, and love between the tight community of attendees had fans feeling the warmth of hope; regardless of the viewer’s GPS coordinates. Most importantly, Eggy has acted as path leaders for many to forget the beast we might have been and focus on all that we are capable of with dedication and practice.

Goose fans enjoyed playing a game of “Where’s Ted?” for each drone shot

The stream and drone footage made a case for Levitt Pavilion as one of the most beautiful venues of any northeastern live stream to held it down with visually enticing imagery of the stunning venue. The live stream experience could arguably be preferred by some. It provides a solution for those that do not want to be physically taxed by consuming live music. For those who like to consume their music without the distraction of chatty neighboring fans, the stream had excellent audio quality as well. Endless playback allows for this to be revisited any time. For those that love the social aspect, but need to wake up early, there was an active chat going through the whole stream.

Despite technology and all of its improvements, there was an absolute magic to attendance. To feel the love between attendees towards each other and the band was the stuff we have been dreaming about since shutdown. The sunset and the venue evoked a feeling of dreaminess and provided cheerful, yet soothing for all we have been through.

Dani Batatt

Eggy keyboard/vocalist Dani Batatt introduced a song called “BeyondThese Walls.” Written during the throws of shutdown about imagining what “after” might look like while simultaneously appreciating the gift of time spent with loved ones.

After sharing space during shutdown, Dani and Jake share keyboards.

During shutdown, many of us were forced to push ahead without the input of our usual critiques and cheerleaders. Not having it clearly created access to new pathways of thinking with complete authenticity for Eggy.

Jake Brownstein’s debut with this new addition to the Eggy Family

Far from single note show, the tightened up band showed enough comfort to switch instruments, and play styles of music ranging from Crosby, Stills and Nash all the way to deep grooves peppered with what streamer Gleb described as, “some serious stank on [that] jam.” It kept the whole show filled with engagement.

Bassist Mike Goodman glistening in the cinematic golden hour… heat.

Eggy has grown as a band from a place of abundance, In the words of bassist/vocalist Mike Goodman’s mom, “We were so worried, but look at them now. They shot right out of the box.”

Preferred is the discussion.

This show and stream felt like a real glimmer of hope for musicians after they have endured so much. What a relief for the many months of secret admirers to finally attend an Eggy show and for the band to see how much they are loved.

Green Eggs and Fam.

The shutdown incubator yielded an opportunity for the band to practice more than just their music. They clearly have worked on themselves as individuals and as a team to create a vision that is sophisticated in its technicality and product, but never too serious.

Breaking out of the egg?

Eggy – Levitt Pavilion, Westport, CT – July 15, 2001
Setlist: 12 Pounds Of Pain, Between You And Me, Time Loves A Hero (Little Feet), Finding And Losing, Broken Bluff, Beyond These Walls, Beauty And The Beast (Alan Menken), Teach Your Children (Crosby Stills, Nash & Young), Moments Passed, Interior People (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard)

Encore: Last of Kin, Upside Down