Bread, Ribs, Hundred Dollar Bills: Remembering Prodigy

The H.N.I.C. didn’t live much longer as he passed away on June, 20 2017, due to complications of his sickle cell anemia. Fans of his can find comfort in knowing that Prodigy was one of if not the realest rapper and that he wasn’t all industry like his more commercially successful counterparts.

When hip hop went full glitz and glamour during the “shiny suit era,” of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Prodigy doubled down and recorded his solo debut. He put out even more gutter street music, filled with violence and more vivid tales of guns, drugs and murders, because that’s what was really happening. His appeal to a major-label subsequently plateaued and Prodigy spent much of his later years releasing music through independent labels. 

Ultimately, he would be proud to know that his life was captured in the opening line from one of his most memorable records. Because he really did “break bread, ribs and hundred dollar bills.”

Tupac, Ja Rule—a whole bunch of people talk about pain. “And Tupac, he even said some sh*t about my sickle-cell [on his song ‘Hit ‘Em Up’], so that inspired me to make a real song to show n***as what pain is.

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