Marcus Rezak recruits TAB members for “Truth in Sound”

Guitarist Marcus Rezak has teamed up with members of Trey Anastasio Band for his latest EP, Truth in Sound. Approaching the album with a songwriter and story-telling mindset, Rezak wrote, recorded, and produced Truth in Sound over the course of 2020, in the hopes of creating an album that has the power to heal through both music and lyric, hence, Truth in Sound.

After a Shred is Dead show at Nectar’s in November 2019, Rezak discovered a newfound musical chemistry with Russ Lawton that needed to escalate beyond the one-off performance. Rezak invited Lawton and his TAB colleagues to record new material that he had been writing, and they enthusiastically obliged.

I first met the Trey Band guys at a Shred is Dead show I played in Burlington and was thrilled that they enthusiastically obliged my invitation to be a part of this record. It was a very natural feeling coming together and playing in the studio, almost as if we had been playing together for years. All the guys are unique in their style when together which creates a one-of-a-kind synergy, plus they are super warm and kind humans.

Marcus Rezak

Truth in Sound was recorded at Tank Recording Studio in Burlington, VT and engineered by studio owner/operator Ben Collette, who has served as an audio engineer for Trey Anastasio and Phish since 2004. The band took the energy sparked by the initial Shred is Dead performance and transferred it into four tracks with Rezak’s preparation and eloquent compositions. All of the guitar tracks and mixing were done by Joe Hettinga of Third Coast Recording Company.

While the album displays the same fierce jams and guitar shredding that his debut Gateway to the Galaxy emitted into the universe, Rezak’s focus on Truth in Sound is showcasing heartfelt lyrics and musical healing to mirror his experiences since his initial release. During the challenges of COVID-19, he felt compelled to uplift and fill in where depression and confusion had become a part of so many people’s everyday lives. In those initial lockdown months, renegade-style drive-up concerts were some of the only ways to keep music present for both musicians and music lovers alike. He saw a new purpose while observing his music keep those isolated in good company and helping release some endorphins.

The final outcome of this record truly encapsulates a time in my life, through a sound, that I hope brings healing, joy, and excitement to those with open ears.

Marcus Rezak

Truth in Sound features Russ Lawton, Tony Markellis, and Ray Paczkowski from the Trey Anastasio Band, plus Kalyan Pathak on world percussion and tabla. The album’s first single “Light of the Moon” is a true story about people of the night connecting through their love of music, celebrating cathartically in the light of the moon reveling in dance, joy, and memories. The late Tony Markellis lays down a one-of-a-kind strut on the bass and Pathak’s percussion work adds an element of global music flavors with his tabla work during the solo section and expressive nuance on chimes, congas, shekere.

“Borderline” is another true story about modern love and the primal connection humans can have with one another, drawing inspiration from the compassion humans uncontrollably have to want to heal the unfortunate trauma of others. “Leaving” details traveling musicians’ life on the road, with a psychedelic jam accompanying the journey. The instrumental track “Glitter Pillow” is a magnum opus of progressive rock, funk, and jazz, with a ’70s harmonic vibe propelling into a mystical minor improv section that builds and compounds into fierce energy from the entire band. Visit Rezak’s Bandcamp to pick up the album.

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