Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Presents UpLift Commission Series

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall and WEXT present the UpLift Commission Series, faeturing local artists to participate. In collaboration with Organ Colossal, the Lift was curated and invited a small audience to sit on stage with artists while they performed.

The pandemic caused the program to end forcing staff at the Music Hall to find creative ways to keep it going. The Hall reached out to the Organ Colossal to find local community talent in the Capital Region. Each artist selected has contributed to their community throughout the years and their participation is another contribution. Their creations for this project reflect the mood of current times and each performance is honest and speaks to the changes music has faced over the year.

Upcoming UpLift Commission Series performances begin later this month. Indie singer based Upstate and Brooklyn, Belle Skinner, performs on Friday, April 23 at 7 p.m. Mother and son duo, sitarist Veena and tabla drummer Devesh Chandra perform on Friday, May 7. New York-based Puerto Rican singer, Taína Asili and guitarist Gaetano Vaccaro perform on Friday, May 21. The events are free and open to the public and links to performance will be released closer to the performances.

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall was created in 1870 built on the upper level to show the bank’s appreciation to the local citizens for their support. In the beginning, the hall hosted performances from musicians nationally and internationally even during the World War II era. In 1979 the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Revitalization Committee after Troy’s declined and had problems supporting the arts.

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Corporation came about through funding from the bank and from the city and county. It is a non profit organization and it leases the Hall from the bank. The Hall has a reputation for orchestra and chamber music. However with sound as its main priority, it became a venue with classical and modern music performances. 

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