Brooklyn Psychedelic Band Acid Dad Release New Track “BBQ”

Acid Dad have shared their new track “BBQ” off their sophomore album Take It From The Dead, due out on June 11, 2021

“BBQ” Single Artwork

The rock band hails from Bushwick and is composed of singer-guitarists Vaughn Hunt and Sean Fahey, and drummer Trevor Mustoe. Vaughn first started recording the band in his Bushwick apartment. Playing live in the New York City rock scene in 2016, Acid Dad quickly moved to a world stage with their self-titled debut album, released by Greenway Records in 2018.

Over 2020, Acid Dad rented studio time in Queens as well as built their own guitars. They also independently produce their music. This creativity and innovation led to their second LP Take It From The Dead. The record features a variety of influences ranging from 90’s neo-psych, modern post-punk, and 70’s rock. Their sound meanders the perfect musical boundary of brand-new and nostalgic.

The new album is accompanied by psychedelic and glitchy art videos in a collaboration with video artist Webb Hunt, adding an otherworldly visual counterpart to their dreamy music.

Artwork in collaboration with artist Webb Hunt

Listen to Acid Dad and their new track “BBQ” here. Watch the visualizer for the single here. Find out more information about Acid Dad at their website.

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