‘Sounds from the Bardo Vol II’ Provides Jams To Help Find Inner-Peace

Meditation and mental well-being go hand in hand and there’s never been a period in time quite like the current that demands a positive mindset. Enter Sounds from the Bardo Volume II, presented by Psychedelic Sangha. This undertaking, an album-based series of immersive journeys into liminal states of consciousness, is the brainchild of Ethan Covey and Doc Kelley and a follow-up to Volume I which was released on Bandcamp this past December.

Spanning almost 90 minutes, this project was created to provide the means to meditate while immersing yourself into beautiful music as a means of finding inner-peace. It features Tony Leone on percussion, Scott Metzger on guitar and Jeff Hill on Bass and was recorded live in November at the Judson Memorial Church in NYC. The release consists of 4 tracks, which include a meditation and instrumental track, each containing the same jam performance with and without guided meditation, and 2 additional soundcheck jams from the same session. Additionally, this multi-media collection also includes a video of the full length original light show produced by Bubba Ayoub.

The meditation begins with Jessica Angima’s soothing voice helping to bring calm to your surroundings while Scott Metzger’s guitar begins to playfully dance around her words. As her words began to fade away, the trio begins their gentle improvisation into the soundscape. The journey they start is akin to a sunrise and sunset, slowly building and shining more light as the meditation progresses and flowing into ambient sounds as the hour reaches it end.

Sounds from the Bardo Vol. II – Teaser 1 from Psychedelic Sangha on Vimeo.

The delicate jamming begins to give way to delightful melodies halfway through journey and this continues to a beautiful crescendo before bringing the participant back to an ambient outro. The paths that this trio takes between each of Jessica’s guided meditations are a phenomenal example of what these three talented musicians are able to create together. This release is the first published recording of these three musical geniuses performing together and hopefully it’s not the last that we see of them collaborating together on something special.

Also included on this release are additional 2 soundcheck jams from Leone, Metzger and Hill. These bonus tracks continue the psychedelic energy that the trio brought to the meditation and show the trio stretching themselves and their abilities out, as you’d expect from any soundcheck. Both of these tracks flow between genres, tempos and energies while showcasing the themes and strengths that each of the artists would bring to their magnum opus. At the end of the second jam, you’ll find yourself agreeing with the band when you hear them exclaim, “We’re vibin’ so hard!”

Psychedelic Sangha’s Sounds from the Bardo Volume II will be released via Bandcamp on February 5th and can be purchased for a minimum of $12 USD. This release is a must-own for anyone who engages in or is considering dipping their toes into meditation, and certainly for everyone who is a fan of ambient jamming or improvisational soundchecks.

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