Maxtreme Inc. and Yang 21 Come Together for “Shuda”

Nigerian Afro-Pop singer, Yang 21, has released his latest single, “Shuda,” in collaboration with Talent Management & Music Distribution Company, Maxtreme Inc. 

The upbeat, Afrocentric tune is Yang’s latest effort on the heels of two EP’s, 2019’s Goose Bumps and Fall 2020’s What Do Girls Want

“Shuda,” is a mellow tempo love-centric tune and is Maxtreme Inc.’s attempt to enlarge its coast and collaborate with recording artistes to serve its niche and fan base, as well as make exceptional music. Backed by a looping and rhythmic drum, the feel-good record (running just over 3 minutes), sees Yang 21 begin the song by declaring his affections for his newfound flame, amid his past struggles with love. 

Each subsequent verse then goes in detail about the kind of woman he wants in life, as he forges ahead with a new personal interest and moves on from past affections. Each verse sees Yang 21 characterize his ideal woman, while the chorus echoes the theme of the song, “coulda’ woulda’ shoulda’,” signifying the past-tense status of a previous lover.

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