War Orphan Look Back At Hardcore Origins In “New Core”

Thrash/hardcore band War Orphan, featuring guitarist Rich Cipriano formally of Sick Of it All and Reach fame, drummer Dante Renzi (Reach) and vocalist David Bason (Barfbag and Lords of the Drift), have released a new single titled “New Core,” which nostalgically looks back at the bands come up in the hardcore scene.

Guitarist Richie Cipriano elaborates further on the origins behind the song:

New Core is a song about growing up in the hardcore scene and making the decision not to leave it behind as you get older

Richie Cipriano, War Orphan

This song follows their recent explosive statement of a song “F*ck the NRA“, a tribute to fellow hardcore band The Exploited.

War Orphan released their debut in 2020, the politically charged trash punk EP Closer to Death Than Life. The EP delivers as a fearless protest record that doubles down on the angst which defines the hardcore scene with a particular focus on attacking rightwing extremists and the current presidential administration. Bason channels the seething dissatisfaction with the political establishment that has lead to unrest over the past few years, seeking to tackle systemic racism with “Autonomous Zone” and a deceitful president with “Prop up the Polls,” among other topics that have never been relevant and important.

War Orphan began when longtime friends Dante, Richie and David graduated from recording songs just to make each other laugh to taking it seriously. Singer David Bason is based in LA. Missing his New York friends, he would leave guitar player Richie Cipriano voicemails making fun of heavy metal. Richie and Dante would track record metal songs to the voicemails and send them back. Thus, was born Bloodbath and Beyond, what started a just a funny inside joke to kill time.

Afterwards, Richie called and said he had a song they should take seriously this time. Bason was on board and the EP was tracked, mixed and master in a matter of weeks. War Orphan came about organically and their music shows it.

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