Hearing Aide: Chris Mazuera & jacuzzi jefferson Release ‘For Real’ EP

We’ve seen many artists make musical lemonade out of the lemon that is 2020 and Pool Cosby’s Jacuzzi Jefferson is no exception. Earlier this year, the sample-based electronic trio consisting of Jefferson, Kevin Kuh and Otto Botté released their latest full-length album, Day Breaks, providing the world with some much-needed music as things began to go a little haywire.

During that same time period, Jacuzzi Jefferson and New York City based producer and guitarist Chris Mazuera had an artist retreat in Woodstock, NY just before the quarantine began, and the final product was a joint EP titled For Real. Released on December 9, this 4 track EP is a transcendent mix of live instrumentation, airy vocal samples and hiphop percussive elements.

This EP is a distinguished, driving and dreamlike collaboration between two prominent NYC producers and as the year comes to an end, it’s certainly worthy of repeat listenings.

Check out For Real on Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music today.

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