Matisyahu to stream Festival of Light Hanukkah shows from The Capitol Theatre

This coming week marks the start of Hanukkah, and once again Matisyahu will bring his famed ‘Festival of Light’ shows to fans, through FANS, on December 10, 11 and 17. The performances will take place at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester and will be streamed on FANS.

Matisyahu’s Festival of Light shows are an annual celebration and some of the most notable performances of his career. Each end-of-year celebration spreads the traditions and light of Hanukkah, sharing the holiday in a relevant way to both Jews and non-Jews alike, and an universal experience that transcends themes of peace and prosperity.

The streamed event is billed with each night featuring classic, show-stopping hits, and the powerhouse ballads and powerful energy that Matisyahu is known for. Meet Matisyahu beneath the glittering dreidel-disco ball and send out good vibes to the world during this Festival of Light.

The stream is available for purchase for one or all three nights. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

Joining Matisyahu will be Aaron Dugan on guitar, Jason Fraticelli on bass, Rob Marscher on keys, and Tim Keiper on drums.

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What makes this music so engaging and unmatched, is that Matisyahu; a vocalist with no other instrument at his disposal, is an integral creative part in the improvisation. Dugan and Yuki work well beyond the constraints of the “solo” constantly working to modulate the improvisation, while Brook’s pocket is so deep and harmonically smart, that regardless of how far the melodic elements of a jam may get pushed, it’s impossible not to feel rooted to the core of any tune performed.  

Matisyahu allows his band to breathe within each tune, finding his place with a wordless melody that serves to enhance the harmonic elements of an improvisation, developing the rhythmic ideas with his beat boxing, or crowning a jam with a full-on lyrical call-to-the-heavens and the great unknown. It’s that cathartic moment as a jam summits and the audience lets out its release that tells the performers we are all in it together.

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