Chaz Shepherd Pays Tribute to George Floyd in Powerful New Video

Philadelphia based actor/singer-songwriter, Chaz Shepherd, is well-versed in the arena of soulful, R&B music, but he has more to offer. The musician recently released a powerful tune about protest and standing up for one’s rights.

Music is an expression and I felt that this sound expressed the time and the movement that is happening now.

Chaz Lamar Shepherd
Chaz Lamar Shepherd

Shepherd reflects on his latest musical accomplishment, “We Will Breathe,” a song of protest.

The album that I’m currently working on is about love and and unity. It will be a representation of me. “We Will Breathe,” however, is about protest. It’s about being sick and tired and says, enough is enough.

Chaz Shepherd

Much like many artists, Chaz Shepherd is happy to use his platform to stand up for what he believes in. He says it’s not a musician’s job to create a political or social stance, but he knows that has always been him.

Growing up in Philadelphia, the actor/singer found his love for music in the upbeat, loud, soulful church he attended as a kid. There, he was able to expand his vocals and create the passion you can hear in his music today.

Along with his musical career, Shepherd had memorable roles in many different movies and shows over the years. From the early 2000s show, 7th Heaven, to the popular Netflix feature, Marvel’s Luke Cage, Shepherd has always seemed to flare the screen with his acting.

The global pandemic hit the music and film industries hard: venues shutting down, workers losing their jobs and live music stopping. In-person music events seem like a thing of the past. Shepherd looks at these isolation days as time to work on his music and better himself in every way.

I’ve been able to live very comfortably and work on my creativity. I am thankful every day that this virus hasn’t affected me the way that, unfortunately, half of the planet was affected.

Chaz Shepherd
George Floyd

The well-rounded artist says his inspiration for “We Will Breathe,” was provoked by the murder of George Floyd in May of 2020. Throughout the year, Shepherd has been an activist and supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement, along with other organizations that support equality. According to him, this song isn’t about love. It’s about standing up for human rights.

I became more than what I thought I was. I directed and produced a video I also performed in. I just want this video to become more popular and to contribute to, not only, the BLM movement, but also all over.

Chaz Shepherd

“We Will Breathe,” can be found on all platforms. The video itself is featured on Shepherd’s very own YouTube Channel, Chaz Shepherd Official. Soon to come, is an album featuring soul, R&B, gospel and more.

“We Will Breath” by Chaz Shepherd.

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