War Orphan take aim at National Rifle Association with new single “F*ck the NRA”

Thrash/hardcore revolutionists War Orphan, featuring former Sick of It All guitarist Richie Cipriano, drummer Dante Renzi (Reach) and vocalist David Bason (Barfbag, Lords of the Drift), pay tribute to The Exploited’s controversial track “F*ck the USA,” with a new version, “F*ck the NRA,” that takes aim at the National Rifle Association. 

The daring new track debuted on WeAreThePit, highlighting the searing protest song about the death dealing war machine, which has consistantly turned a deaf ear to the epidemic of gun violence. 

Guitarist Richie Cipriano comments on the inspiration for the song:

We love The Exploited and all English punk. We figured this would be a good time to pay tribute and give it a little twist.

Richie Cipriano, War Orphan

The trio formed when longtime friends Dante, Richie and David moved from recording songs trying make each other laugh to taking it seriously. Singer David Bason lives in Los Angeles, and missing his New York friends, he would leave Cirpiano voicemails about how he thinks heavy metal is silly. Richie and Dante would track record metal songs to them and send them back. Thus, was born Bloodbath and Beyond, an inside joke to kill time and crack each other up. 

Richie called and said he thought he had a song they should take seriously. Bason got excited and the EP was tracked, mixed and mastered in a matter of weeks. War Orphan developed organically and the results show.

War Orphan recently made their debut with a seething thrash punk EP Closer To Death Than Life. Their initial offering is a fearless protest record that delivers a much needed shot of angst into the hardcore scene and swift throat-punch to rightwing extremists and the current presidential administration. Bason summons the furious rage that people across the country have felt over the last few years, channeling it into songs about systematic racism (“Autonomous Zone”) and a deceitful president (“Prop Up The Polls”) among other topics that are more relevant and important now than ever before.

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