Fairy-Folk Artist Shira Releases Birds of a Feather EP

Shira, a fairy-folk singer-songwriter from Rochester, has released the first part of her new EP Birds of a Feather on Sept. 18. The four-song EP is the first part of a two-part release with the rest of her project, called Birds of a Feather Flock Together, coming in 2021. Shira’s radiant personality provides listeners with an infectious amount of hope on her latest project.

Courtesy of One in a Million Media

Shira released the music video for the song “Wait For Me” on Sept. 18 alongside her EP. The ukulele arrangement perfectly complements her journey from the US to reunite with her fiancé in Barcelona in the video. Shira’s nervousness for her international journey is also accompanied by a sense of hope as she sings, “One more breath before I go, there’s nothing left to hide.” While the lyrics reveal a level of vulnerability her graceful singing reveals optimism towards taking a risk as she did when she embarked on her journey.

“Usually” positively embraces anyone who is going through adversity, especially fitting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her lyrics: “Don’t let fear kick in, it’s just trying to make your bright light disappear” encourages listeners to hold to hope even during times of uncertainty. Shira’s self-described “fairy folk” sound resonates through the lively orchestral arrangement on this track.

By Iraia Olivas Etxaniz

On her title track “Birds of a Feather,” Shira successfully blends her voice with the ensemble of drums, piano, and guitar as she sings about the value of strength and unity in partnership. Even through life’s adversity, Shira’s reassuring lyrics: “We’ll brave this storm, birds of a feather” emphasize the strong partnership displayed in her video when she traveled to her fiancé across the world. Shira’s violin filled arrangement on “Go Uncharted” captures the decision to take a leap of faith into the uncharted unknown. In a mission to bring healing to the world through music, Shira’s Birds of a Feather delivers a needed sense of unity to listeners.

Birds of a Feather is about finding yourself first, exploring, not being afraid to ask for what you want, struggling with the fear of never being seen, listening to your inner voice over outside noise, letting go and trusting.

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