Psychobuildings Return with Nostalgic New Single

After much anticipation, Psychobuildings is back. The Brooklyn-based, critically acclaimed Indie Pop/Chillwave band recently released “Inside Out, an upbeat, danceable new single.

The band was formed in 2010 and, since then, has received recognition from numerous credible music platforms including Fader, Pitchfork, Spin, and NME. Their last album, Love World, was released in 2014 and included nine tracks, all of which were instrumentals.

“Inside Out” is very similar to what appears in their previous projects, Hearts – EP and Psychobuildings – EP. It is both funky and unique in its own sense.

The video featured many interesting animations from Andy Cahill. The visuals seemed simple but simultaneously complex and exuded a psychedelic and nostalgic feel. Everything, from the animals to the trees, demonstrated emotions and expressions. Cahill’s work is very similar to that of Peter LaBier, the central songwriter for Psychobuildings, who also draws and paints. Certainly, LaBier considered this in choosing him to create the visuals for the single.

The unique and specific art style of the video ties into what LaBier had initially intended for “Inside Out”. Peter explained: “I wanted to write about the way memories of past relationships can sometimes feel like other lives you’ve lived, another version of yourself that is distant… It is almost like an optimistic nostalgia— the pain of what has been lost and acceptance of that is what I was after.” 

“Inside Out” is the first single from their next studio album, Blackout, which is anticipated to debut on Oct. 16.