Bronx Music Heritage Center Presents The Bronx Blast

Bronx Music Heritage Center is bringing viewers the Bronx Blast on their Facebook page. The Bronx Blast are mini-performances that will be presented in front of the Bronx Music Hall. The theater is currently under construction and will be a future home to the Bronx Music Heritage Center.

In July, Martha Zarate and Pilar Maez of Mazarte Dance Company danced to “El gavilancito,” a song from the son jarocho tradition from Veracruz, Mexico. “Jarocho” describes the people and culture of the southern coastal plain of Veracruz. The song, dance and costumes represent the Indigenous, Spanish and African influences on the cultural tradition. Watch the video on Facebook.

For episode two, the Bronx Music Heritage Center brought in Carmelo Soto, Jorge Vazquez, Bobby Sanabria, and Carlos Espada to demonstrate Plena. Plena is one of the traditional forms of music from Puerto Rico, often referred to as the “periódico cantado” or “sung newspaper” as many times the lyrics relate incidents from daily life or commentary on local events. The lyrics to plena was written by Carlos Espada and can be seen below.

Que bien yo me siento, en esta occasión
la gran apertura el Bronx Music Hall.

Oyeee, finalmente, les presento yo,
este gran proyecto aquí en el Bronx

Y muchos no saben, fue la visión,
de Elena Y Bobby, que se construyó

Que viva, que viva, la diversidad,
de toda la gente, nuestra hispanidad.

English Translation:
How good I feel on this occasion
of the grand opening of the Bronx Music Hall.

Finally I present to you
this great project here in the Bronx

And many don’t know, it was through
Elena and Bobby’s vision that it was built.

Long live the diversity
of everyone, our Latino community.

In their latest episode, Nélida Tirado returns home to the neighborhood where she grew up to perform some rumba flamenca in front of the future Bronx Music Hall. Watch the performance here.

Check out NYS Music’s coverage of The Bronx Music Heritage Center’s concert series that occured this past June.

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