U.S. Senators Introduce ENCORES Act for Struggling Music Venues

Two U.S. senators introduced a new bill, the ENCORES Act, that will provide economic support to struggling live music venues and their workers.

SaveOurStages hopes to get economic relief for struggling music venues.

Senators Tom Carper and John Tester created the Entertainments New Credit Opportunity for relief & Economic Sustainability (ENCORES) Act.

The bill gives a new tax credit to venues with less than 500 employees. The initiative is to help cover the cost of refunded tickets and cancelled concerts.

“Today, I am joining Senator Tester to introduce the ENCORES Act, a bill that will provide much-needed relief for our live music venues by creating a tax credit to help cover refunded ticket costs due to canceled events. Music venues are truly special places that have, for generations, provided our families with priceless memories. It’s on us to do what we can to support this industry now so that we can come out on the other side of this pandemic and ensure that this will not be the day the music died.”

Senator Tom Carper

According to a press release, venues will be eligible if they offered costumers a voucher before they requested a refund.

In an effort to make sure a bill providing venues with economic support passes, the National Independent Venue Association created #SaveOurStages and #RestartAct.

Many live music venues show their support for the #SaveOurStages Act.

The U.S. is not the only nation protesting in support of live concert venues. England took storm with the #WeMakeEvents and Red Alert Movement. Marches throughout Manchester occurred Aug. 11, according to BBC.

The ENCORES Act credit will allow the venues to redeem losses because of cancelled concerts.

Milton Theater Director Fred Munzert from Delaware expressed his gratitude towards Carper.

“History tells us that for every challenging time the arts persist and comes back even stronger. Art is one of the first things people look to when regaining their sense of normalcy.”

Fred Munzert
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