Turkuaz share videos of Beatles “Rain,” “Here Comes the Sun” and more

Brooklyn band Turkuaz refuse to not give fans new content during the COVID pandemic. On August 4 they returned with the second episode of the new series from Turkuaz, “Hey You, Stay Tuned.” The recurring variety show included an arrangement of segments and a slew of special guests.

Opening with a “pop-up-video” of the band’s official 2015 music video for ‘Doktor Jazz,’ viewers were also treated to another round of the Hollywood Squares parody that the band has appropriately dubbed “Turkuaz Squares.” This round of “Turkuaz Squares” featured special guest contestants including Ivan Neville and Robert Randolph. Eddie Roberts and Alan Evans were also on the scene, revisiting performances from Turkuaz’s 2016-2017 co-headlining tour with The New Mastersounds.

Episode two also featured a comically unconventional makeup tutorial, a never before comedy scene from the vault and much more. Brett Siddell returned as the announcer and Ari Fink from Sirius XM remained the host.

Turkuaz has also released a performance of Beatles songs “Rain” and “Here Comes the Sun,” paying homage to a major influence for the nine-piece ensemble. “Rain” is part of a larger unreleased Beatles cover set that the band originally performed at Live From Out There. Turkuaz plans on releasing other covers from this set in the future.

According to the band’s press release “Rain” seemed appropriate to start of with during the confusing and unknown times we currently live in. Turkuaz adds, “But don’t worry, the sun will be coming out soon.”

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The third video from Turkuaz’ selection of Beatles’ covers featured “You Never Give Me Your Money” and shows the lasting influence of the second side of 1969’s Abbey Road. A favorite of both Dave Brandwein and Taylor Shell, and what Brandwein calls part of The Beatles’ “last burst of magic as a band,” the track is honest as it discusses the struggles and ultimate demise of the legendary English rock band. 

“This song being third might represent the inevitable complications that arise in life, even after a sunny period. There’s always more. Things are always changing and evolving and this represents some of that.” 

DAve Brandwein, Turkuaz

Staying true to the original arrangement of the song allowed bassist Shell to gain a deeper understanding of what makes The Beatles so incomparable. Through this rendition, his goal was to capture some of what he refers to as the greatest bass-playing of all time.

“This song really does it all. It unfolds with elegant mystery, it’s super catchy and the rhythm section parts are amazing. It’s really just a bold statement at the end of their amazing run.”

Taylor Shell, Turkuaz

Turkuaz will release their full Beatles set, as performed on Live From Out There, in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more information.

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