Zach Koeing Talks Gawn’s Debut Album “Thee Essence Ov Everything”

On August 14, Brooklyn-based band Gawn will release their debut album, Thee Essence Ov Everything. The band’s newest single, “Pushed Aside,” is available to stream now. 

Photo from @g_a_w_n on Instagram

Thee Essence Ov Everything is the perfect mix of soft, indie, and electric rock. Each song is individually interesting but maintains in harmony with the rest of the record. I had the opportunity to talk to Zach Koeing about Gawn, the band’s soul, about the new track and album. 

Marilyn Feerick: How did you first get into music?

Zach Koeing: I started playing music probably when I was 10 years old. I grew up in a house with musicians. My dad was a guitar player and songwriter and he taught me to play guitar. 

MF: What does “Pushed Aside” mean to you?

ZK: The meaning of the song and the lyrics is kinda just moving on from old friendships that have faded away, maybe because they’re toxic or people change.

MF: I read that it was hard to get one solid group to consistently do shows, so you play with different people almost every night. 

ZK: When the project first started, it was more of just a recording project. It was different friends coming to the studio, handing out, laying down some tracks, writing some songs together, and when it kinda came down to shows, it seemed like a lot of people’s schedules were clashing with each other and stuff like that. So, it just seemed to be a lot less stress ad a lot easier to get a group of guys together on the flay than try to rely on just one group of people. 

MF: Is having a rotating band more confusing, or does it help you keep everything more fresh?

ZK: I think it sounds like it would be more confusing, but it does feel like it is fresh because every single time that I sit down with a new group of people, it feels like I’m able to come up with something new and something original. With the same group of guys, it would seem like it would be harder to come up with new stuff. There’s definitely different feels. People play differently, and ideas some of the guys will bring to the table will just be kind of on a whim and it’s just like ‘that was it, let’s keep it,’ and if that guy wasn’t there that night, it wouldn’t have happened.

MF: How has COVID-19 and the quarantine affected you creatively? Are you writing anything new?

ZK: Before COVID, we were talking to our publicist about doing PR and all the promotions and everything for [the album], and out of nowhere, the country was shut down and we were kinda just like ‘oh no what are we gonna do? Are we gonna tour, should the record come out, should we go with it?’ And especially during the black lives matter protests, we didn’t want to be shining any light on us when there’s something more important going on. So we decided to basically just put it on the back burner until we started to find out what was going on in the world. During that time I had a little four track recorder at my house that I sat next to, like, every morning and every night just writing new ideas, because we weren’t working or anything so we were just kinda adjusting…to being home all the time. And I had my own little recording setup. So, I recorded about 30 new ideas on a four track during quarantine. 

MF: And lastly, do you have any plans for projects once quarantine is over?

ZK: Me and the guys recorded two new songs probably like a month ago, so we plan on releasing probably a seven inch after we do the record and then hopefully next year we’ll be able to tour.

Stream “Pushed Aside” and other singles by Gawn in the meantime before Thee Essence Ov Everything comes out on August 14.

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