Danish Punks Twin Dive Deliver New Track “Say His Name” in Honor of George Floyd

Danish punk band Twin Dive have released a new track in remembrance of George Floyd, a recent victim of police brutality whos death has sparked protest and outrage worldwide. The energy and pure anger that shine through on this track perfectly captivate the strong emotions behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Say His Name” is riddled with lyrics that target the systematic racism and oppression perpetuated by the American upper class. Much like the protests themselves, this song is a screaming demand for justice. In further support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Twin Dives will be donating 100% of the proceeds and royalties made from this release to the cause.

Twin Dive is a duo from Denmark who, although formed only in 2018, have been grabbing attention in their respective music scenes. Blending the braggadocious nature of front men from the 70s punk scene with all the contained noise and distortion of the low-fi grunge era, Twin Dive are no stranger to taking political stances in their music.

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