Hearing Aide: Rhys Tivey releases latest single “Ready”

In his new single “Ready,” Rhys Tivey captures loss and revival of self through the epiphany of love song simplicity and precision. Sober in its depth and playfulness, we taste a life after disappointment, the epiphany of renewal. The song narrates the journey of melting regret and defiance to avail oneself to new possibilities. Its January release references the New Year temperament of resolution and release of past griping.

Rhys Tivey – Photo courtesy of Gramophone Media

The track begins in a nostalgic vibe with Rhys’s sotto voce vocals accompanied by soft piano chords. As a minimal, driving beat drops in to counterbalance distant trumpets and alluring vocal pads, the song builds with hints of hope, before hitting a bridge of soaring yet contained chaos.  “Ready” is a triumphant glimpse at his upcoming album Unsteady, where the intimate undertakings of an artist simultaneously reveals past stories and tentatively persists towards the hope of new chapters. 

Rhys is definitely on the “ones to watch” list, so plan on catching one of his shows in the future.  Rhys performs at prominent venues all around the Northeast and is currently in the works of an epic album release set to premiere in spring 2020. 

You can stream “Ready” on all music platforms, and follow his social media: SPOTIFY / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER

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