Biscuits Bring the Heat to NYC for annual New Year’s Run

Trance-fusion pioneers, The Disco Biscuits, laid down some serious jamtronica heat at NYC’s PlayStation Theatre on Saturday during their annual New Year’s run. PlayStation Theatre is closing permanently at the conclusion of this run, and the Biscuits are ensuring the venue goes out with a bang. The Disco Biscuits members include Allen Aucoin (drums), Marc Brownstein (bass), Jon Gutwillig (guitar), and Aron Magner (synthesizers).

Saturday’s first set included a delicious “Munchkin Invasion” jam sandwich, filled with an inverted “The Great Abyss.” The second set intensified with jam vehicles “Caterpillar” and “Spraypaint” seguing into a fresh and dirty “Tractorbeam Jam,” and then right back into both.

Marc Brownstein’s face sums up our thoughts on this excellent show

Tickets are still available for the two remaining nights of this soon to be legendary run at this link. FOMO can truly be damned because the band is webcasting this historic run as well. Head over to their Youtube page for more details.


Set One: King Of The World> Munchkin Invasion> The Great Abyss*> Story Of The World> Freebis Slinky> Munchkin Invasion

Set Two: Caterpillar> Spraypaint> Humuhumunukunukuapua’a**> Tractorbeam Jam> Caterpillar, Air Song> Spraypaint

Encore: Bazaar Escape

* inverted version

** unfinished

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