Hearing Aide: Adapter ‘Period’

Sometimes, often unexpectedly, life decides to take a plate of glass and smash you right in the face. When that happens, you can either retreat and regroup or take that sharp, broken glass and smash back. That is what Adapter did with their first EP, Period. This is a band with a chip on their shoulder, and the chops to go out and make a statement about it.

First impressions as a modern mix between Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers Band are never a bad thing, but as you dig deeper you realize Adapter subtly carved a sound of their own. Their sound can loosely be described as a new aged hard rocking spin on classic blues; however, they possess the in-your-face rock and roll spirit that once dominated life for many. Even through headphones there is a sense of electricity and danger, both musically and lyrically, with explosive rocking chords that nearly beg to be vibrating wall to wall in an arena.

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Lyrically, Period is a familiar peek into a songwriter who has been damaged and cannot decide what to do next. The hard-rocking opening track “The Pains” delves deep into the mental struggle of whether to go back to a lover who has hurt you. This all too human battle continues as the EP continues with “Mean Bitch Blues,” where the band transports you to that dark unknown where you don’t know what to do next now that it has all ended except express anger and sadness. While only five songs, Period gives a good snapshot of the band’s capabilities melding between hard rock, trippy blues, and a more subtle, lighter side at times. Already sounding like a refined, authoritative group, Adapter will be a fun band to watch grow as they continue making music.

Key Tracks: The Pains,  Josephine, Alone

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