In Focus: A Taste of the Islands Land in Albany with Reggae’s Culture

Culture is reggae’s most dominating harmony group. Born in the 70′s golden age of reggae, Culture gained acclaim for its long series of classic “roots” albums. Joseph Hill, singer and songwriter for the legendary Jamaican vocal trio, collapsed and died while on a 2006 tour of Europe. Kenyatta Hill’s career began the day his father’s ended. Kenyatta stepped onstage and delivered electrifying performances and was able to complete the tour. While pursuing an active solo career, Hill keeps the Culture legacy alive by thrilling old and new fans with the classic sounds of this legendary harmony group. Performing at Jennings Landing in Albany with reggae from Jojo Romero & NIghtshift, Thursday, July 11, which was no exception.

Culture’s rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song,” had chill fans swaying. When Kenyatta noted he was not political, but then began the first few notes of “Policeman,” a song with lyrics of mistreatment by police officers, the crowd roared in support of the band.

It was a fantastic show, which kept a large demographic of fans happy. The tones of Kenyatta’s voice were smooth yet robust. If you are a fan of reggae or would like to hear what it’s all about, definitely look out for Culture.

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