Premiere: Senior Living’s shoegaze EP “35mm”

Senior Living (formerly Backseat Bullets) today debut their three track EP 35mm exclusively through NYS Music. The shoegaze/dream pop band has been performing throughout the Capital District and branching out into New England over the past three years, and changed their name as it better represented the music they were writing. Given the crowd response at Pauly’s Hotel and local House shows, Senior Living will continue to gain steam with their melodic, Pixies meets Cocteau Twins EP.

Guitarist/singer Zack Geddies shared thoughts on the experience recording the EP: “As a band, you learn that patience is key. This is the first time we released something we’re all really confident about. Serious thought was put into each decision made and even though its just three songs, this feels like the biggest thing we’ve creatively been a part of. Everything these songs set out to do is up for interpretation but, for us they mainly indicate where the future of our music is heading, sonically. The songs are loud, but so is life and that can get overwhelming; but, then again so can life.”

“The instrumentally expansive nature of these songs in a way reflects the time, distance and dead space that I’ve become so familiar with. Some days seem sweet, sometimes they’re abrasive, and the rest are just hollow. But, there’s always that silver lining to be found. These songs are intended to surround whoever is listening with a heavy cloak of noise and then provide uplifting relief through the shimmering of chorus laden leads and trailing reverb when needed most. The imagery used in the cover art compliments the light-dark, bittersweet nostalgia that these songs carry. We decided to title the EP 35mm because photography has been another form of expression that all of us enjoy aside from music.”

Senior Living will perform in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Vermont in June, then return to Albany on July 12 for their album release show at The Low Beat. For more shows check out their Facebook page.

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