Losers Club Rock Montage at Debut Show

The neon sign outside Montage Music Hall was a beacon in the night, drawing music lovers into the heart of Rochester for the first live performance by Losers Club on Friday, May 31. The project is new, but members are seasoned musicians who have been playing out in bands for years. The downtown venue was packed with their friends, family, and fans.

Losers Club debut performance – Photo by Corrine Cummings

Losers Club took to the stage. Cody Wagner took his place behind the drum kit. Andy Champion picked up his bass. Aidan Snyder and Nate Blasdell strapped on their guitars. Then, Blasdell took a spot center stage, in front of the mic. Blasdell has been in several bands (The Bunny The Bear, I Set My Friends On Fire), but this is his first time as front man. Blasdell thanked everyone for coming before delving into their set.

Bassist, Andy Champion – Photo by Corrine Cummings

Rocking rhythms and pop hooks paved the way for emotional lyrics, oozing with unapologetic honesty. Between songs, Blasdell told the crowd a little about how the band was conceived, during a snow day this past winter. The band members came together after knowing each other for years through the local music scene. He also talked about the origin of the band name, and how Losers Club is about embracing the feeling of not fitting in.

Guitarist, Aidan Snyder. Photo by Corrine Cummings

The set was full of original songs, but they threw in one cover. Mid-set they got the crowd singing along to a rocking rendition of Lil Uzi Vert’s “All My Friends Are Dead.” Losers Club came out of the gate strong for their first show. It’s clear this new band is one to watch.

Opening for Losers Club was indie pop band So Last Year. The five piece powerhouse gave an energetic performance. The set included sing-along faves from their albums In The Light Of Summer and It’s Later Than You Think. They’ve since been writing and recording for their next release, and on this night they played the soon-to-be-released song “Already Gone.”

So Last Year building steam, for an energetic set – Corinne Cummings

All photos taken by Corrine Cummings.

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