Umphrey’s McGee: Welcome Back to Asbury Park

For the eighth consecutive year, Umphrey’s McGee made The Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park New Jersey a part of their summer plans. Located in the lot behind the iconic Jersey shore rock venue The Stone Pony, the Summer Stage sets have historically showcased the metal and prog rock side of Umphrey’s Mcgee’s vast spectrum of musical influences. The 2018 installment continued this tradition by showcasing “Remind Me” as a first set closer followed by a “Wizard Burial Ground” into a  “Sludge & Death” second set opener. They would ultimately close out the second set by going back to “Wizard Burial Ground” as well.

In past years, Umphrey’s McGee has taken the Asbury Park encore as an opportunity to bust out a cover. They have dropped both “Mother” by Danzig and “Last Caress” by the Misfits as band debuts in 2012 and 2016, respectively. And their 2014 “Front Porch” had a “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” (reprise) mashed into it. “Don’t Go Chasing Front Porches” on Zonkey part 2 maybe? For 2018’s encore, Pantera’s “Walk” was played for the first time with this preamble from bassist Ryan Stasik; “What’s up, New Jersey!?!?!?!? Put your fists in the air! When we come to New Jersey, we come to kick fuckin’ ass and play rock and roll.  We lost a good one, we lost Vinnie. He’s up there with Dimebag. Pantera meant a lot to me growing up. Rest in peace, we’re gonna play some non-sissy type music. Let’s have some fun!”



Set One: Nipple Trix, Roctopus, Pequod, Andy’s Last Beer, Seasons, It Doesn’t Matter, You and You Alone, Remind Me

Set Two: Wizard Burial Ground, Sludge & Death, Xmas At Wartime, The Silent Type, Jessica, Cemetery Walk, Cemetery Walk II, August, Wizard Burial Ground

Encore: Kula, Walk