Lespecial Night at The Knitting Factory

Lespecial made their return to Brooklyn on Friday, March 23. It’s been five months since they had the release party for their latest studio album, Cheen, in Brooklyn last October. The Knitting Factory opened their doors at 11:00 p.m. for an “after midnight” show, but in true New York City fashion, the room didn’t fill up till around a quarter to 1. Also in true New York City fashion, the fans came to rage! Lespecial brought the Williamsburg crowd into the early hours of Saturday morning with a set that ran a gauntlet of musical genres. Their original songs contain influences from everything from hip-hop to metal and everything in between. Fittingly, the songs they covered on Friday ranged from Black Sabbath to Cardi B. With an arsenal of talent, high energy and a sound to call their own, Lespeical continues to be on the “must see shows” list.

Set List:

(Mars Attacks Theme Intro), Donut Ghost House I, Jackwise>DnB> Jackwise, HMU*> The Vessel, March of The Pigs> Piggy•, Fruit Wolf Dance> 21st Century Iron Man+> Fruit Wolf Dance, American Life#, American Apocalypse, Fanfarra % > Pray For Me~, Donut Ghost House II, Wake Up! @ > Sound That We Do> Bodak, Yellow¥, Gallows Hill

E: Onlookers, National Anthem£

* Space Jesus
• Nine Inch Nails medley
+ King Crimson/Black Sabbath mashup
# Primus
% Sergio Mendez
~ Kendrick Lamar
@ Zion I
¥ Cardi B
£ Radiohead