Interview: Call It Home

Long Island metalcore outfit are on the verge of releasing their debut full-length album Better Days. The latest single “Deserter” made this week’s Alternative Press “9 Songs You Need To Hear This Week” list. Lineup changes have brought long-time member Dom Delfino to the helm of clean vocals and lyric-writing, resulting in a fresh new sound that appeals to both new fans and long-time followers. His bandmates are Chris Christofi on harsh vocals, Jay Schwartz on guitar, and Jon Beane on drums. NYS Music spoke with Delfino in advance of the album release and upcoming tour with This Curse.

Paula Cummings: How does the new album compare to your previous work?

Dom Delfino: It’s still the same sound, but more mature. It’s more technical in the instrumental work, more interesting for the listener. There’s a little sampling of piano/synth, and a little dub step in there. We also have a few different guest vocalists, which we haven’t done before: Jayden Panesso from Sylar, Landon Tewers from The Plot in You, and Michael Swank from Myka Relocate.

PC: What about the lyrics?

DD: The lyrics are a lot different. We’ve had a switch in clean vocalists. My writing style is different. The album is called Better Days because every song is about an issue people go through every day, whether it be a relationship or a family issue. Every song is a breakdown of these things, but we show how to get through them. A lot of bands write angry songs that people can relate to, but not about how to get through it.

PC: I could see that in the video for “Lanterns.” Can you tell me about the filming of the video?

DD: Josiah Moore filmed and edited the video in Rochester. It was so much fun, but there was a lot of stress. The day we left for filming, we couldn’t get in touch with the actress. At the last minute we were able to find a replacement.

PC: You’ve spent a lot of time touring. Any memorable moments you’d like to share?

DD: We were starting a tour. On the first day we were going to Michigan from New York. We’re in Pennsylvania, and it’s snowing. As we’re going it gets worse and worse to the point where we can’t see. We have another band following us. We pull off and look to the left and there’s a big hill. We turn in the other direction. It turns out there’s a giant hill. Both vans with their trailers get stuck on this hill. The only way out is to go in reverse, two vans with trailers going down. After a couple hours, we’re on flat ground. We find a gas station six miles away, and a drive that should have taken six minutes took thirty. That was a crazy experience. We still got to the show on time.

PC: And that didn’t deter you from continuing to tour?

DD: We do everything we can to make it to the show. That’s the worst thing in the world to us is cancelling a show.

You can catch them on tour in April with This CurseBetter Days comes out on April 10, but is available to preorder. Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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