Circles Around the Sun finishes January Run at Capitol Theater

Since their subtle debut at Fare Thee Well and their official debut at 2016’s Lockn Festival, Circles Around the Sun has been delighting crowds across the country. The band finished their 2018 January tour in Port Chester on Saturday, January 20 after a sold-out show at the Brooklyn Bowl the night before. The band’s third visit to the Brooklyn venue featured ‘Hola!’ as an opener and the Stella Blue Band, a Capitol Theater favorite, opening Saturday’s show with special guest drummer, Josh Dates from the Reflections.

Photo by Matthew Mendenhall courtesy of Circles Around The Sun’s press release.

The quartet began their first ever Capitol Theater show with the first two songs from their 2015 album, Interludes For The Dead. The crowd gathered close as the band dove into ’Gilbert’s Groove’ and ‘Hallucinate A Solution’ before launching into their new song, ‘Chuck.’ This new track starts with a laid-back groove and plenty of blissful keys from keyboardist, Adam MacDougall. He and guitarist Neal Casal play off of each other while bassist Dan Horne leads them through each melodic key change in this fantastic new material.

They continued the set with ‘Scarlotta’s Magnolias’ and ‘Saturday’s Children’ before ending with crowd-favorite, ‘Farewell Franklins.’ This closer had everyone smiling as much as drummer Mark Levy, who happily kept beat and grinned all night long. Neal and the boys ended the night and the tour with ‘Ginger Says’ and thanked everyone who came out before taking off. This may be the end of their first run of 2018, but the band has already said they will have more dates for us soon.

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