Interview: One For The Braves

One For The Braves just debuted their first music video, for the song “Dirt Nap” off their latest release Does Anybody Honestly Care. The EP’s a mile-a-minute pop punk revelry, with pop culture references bringing levity to heart-on-sleeve lyrics. The quintet from Poughkeepsie features Adam “Radam” Rebillard on vocals, Avery Avello and Brian Morgan on guitars, Nick Ferraioli on bass, and Sean Mercado on drums. NYS Music spoke with Rebillard about the band, their latest release, and their first music video. 

Photo: Sabrina Leviton

Paula Cummings: When and why did you start writing songs?

Adam Rebillard: I started writing lyrics when I was really young, mostly just to kill time. When I got older, I got bored of doing it. Then I discovered punk and pop punk and all those wonderful styles of genres. It sounded fun to me, so I started singing and putting melodies to some of the lyrics. Then my freshman year in college I met our guitar player Avery, and the two of us started jamming together and it kept going from there. We got a few new members over the years.

PC: How would you describe your band?

AR: We take the nostalgic pop punk style, which would be bands like New Found Glory, and mix it with a newer style like The Wonder Years and Story So Far. We find ways to make it our own, so we’re not a clone of another band. That’s not what we want.

PC: What was your most memorable show so far?

AR: We did a show back in January. It was our first headline show at our local venue, The Loft. It was fun to finally be the main event of a local venue that we all grew up going to. We had a good turnout. We were on with some of our best friends’ bands. It was laid-back. Everyone was happy, having a good time. We do everything we can to grab an audience and keep their attention. I personally move around a lot. We incorporate solos in our songs. We do our best to get the audience interactive, talking between songs.

PC: You recently released your sophomore EP. Tell me about the team you recorded this one with.

AR: The first EP we did over at New Paltz. But the sophomore EP, Does Anybody Honestly Care, we did at Nada Studios in Montgomery. It was awesome. We recorded these songs with another studio, and got it back, but it wasn’t what we were looking for. We emailed Eric and Nada, told him what we were looking for, and that we wanted to record again from the ground up. We went in and he had ideas to bring to the songs. We made this amazing EP that we’re all so proud of.

PC: What was it like to film your first music video?

AR: It was weird, but it was fun. Like I said, I like to move around a lot – jumping, spinning. I’m doing my usual stuff. We’re filming and the guy’s like “Hey, man, that’s really cool but you need to stay in one spot so I can keep up with you.” We did it at a high school track. The song we did it for is called “Dirt Nap.” The idea behind the song is regardless of what people think you keep moving forward in life. People are going to like you, people are going to not like you. You can’t let that get to you. So when I feel anxious or whatever, I go run on a track, so one day I got the idea. So we drew up some signs and had people stand around holding these signs. The idea was to keep going regardless of the signs and what people think, and keep moving on and pushing forward.

Does Anybody Honestly Care is available on Bandcamp. Follow One For The Braves on Facebook or Twitter for updates and show announcements. 



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