Formula 5 Hosts Phish After Party at B.B. Kings August 5

It’s finally underway. One of the most ambitious acts Phish has offered, the Baker’s Dozen, will bring their grand total of MSG performances to 53. Phish reached this point through hard work, dedication and support from their die hard fans and now it’s time now for fans of Formula 5 to come and support the group so they can gain even more attention and recognition that they deserve just as Phish has.

According to the Capitol Theater, “Formula 5 has made their way into the top tier of the jam band scene,” as well as being named the best alternative rock band according to a 2016 Post- Star Readers Poll. They’ve rocked venues spanning from Boulder to Providence and have taken the stage along side Twiddle, TAUK, Particle and Kung Fu, and have graced the stages of Northeast festivals such as Catskill Chill, Disc Jam and Buffalove. Now the group will be able to add another incredible show under their belt – an after party celebrating Phish’s Bakers Dozen.

Do not miss your chance to see this group on Aug. 5, after the 12th installment of Phish’s 13 night run, in Lucille’s Bar and Grill at B.B. Kings Blues Club. Doors open at 11:30, the show will start promptly at 11:59 and tickets will be $12 in advance or $15 at the door. Keep in mind the event is first come first serve.

Below are five reasons why you should see Formula 5 on August 5:

1. PhanArt vendors will be be present with last minute Phish-related merchandise. PhanArt features music inspired art of all styles at art shows centered around music events while raising funds to support charitable arts causes including The Mockingbird Foundation, an organization that supports music education. If you missed this most recent show or can’t attend the one at the F5 after party, another PhanArt show will be held at this same venue, the Penn Hotel on August 5.

2. Formula 5 will be performing some of their best works from their extensive repertoire, including tracks from their recently released album, All Points North. Those who attend will hear iconic sounds from some of Formula 5’s biggest influences including, Steely Dan, the Talking Heads, the Beatles, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa, Phish, the Grateful Dead, Soulive, the Band and many others.  Here’s one of their most recent videos showcasing songs from their latest album:

3. B.B. Kings is just an 11 minute walk from Madison Square Garden.

4. Try it before you buy it. If you’re curious what you might hear, check out and download soundboards of shows for free. The site holds everything the band has put together including All Points North. There’s a plethora of other content including videos, live performances and merchandise – all of this content can help prepare you for their upcoming show.

5. This is their first time performing for a Phish after party in New York, so you know they’re going to pour their hearts out and give this it the best they’ve got.  F5 has reached this level of credibility as a result of hard work and dedication and those who attend their after party should expect nothing less than an astounding show.

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