Interview: A Casual Conversation With Funktional Flow

Sitting down to drink a beer with a band is an experience for which every journalist yearns. I had the pleasant opportunity to sit down with Guitar/Vocalist Jeffery Kueber and Keyboard/Saxophone/Vocalist Mathew Lester of Buffalo’s Funktional Flow for an interview

The meet-up took place at Three Heads Brewery in Rochester, NY.  Over a heady Three Heads Brewery beer, we discussed Flowfest, Night Lights Music Festival, The Great Blue Heron Music Festival and Cobblestone live.  We also discussed the birth of the band, their long-term growth and a few of their influences.  In reality, we just sat down and chatted.  It was a ton of fun!

The conversation was recorded in full and used as a “Rochester Groovecast” podcast episode.  The episode also contains two Funktional Flow tracks, “Back Door” and “Time Will Tell.”

Click the play button below to listen!

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