Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival: More than Music

Beyond the incredible lineup promised for its four-day length, Grey Fox Bluegrass festival is guaranteed to host a unique experience for every concert-goer this summer. Its ongoing activities and performances are sure to fill your whole weekend with activities, with plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the music as well. No matter what kind of concert-goer you are, we have a recommended event for you.

If you have kids

Unlike many other concerts that have booted out younger audiences with emerging festival culture, there is still a happy, safe place for families at Grey Fox. The Family Stage is live all weekend, featuring a variety of activities like tie dying and making instruments. There is also the well-known Bluegrass Academy for Kids, or BGA, which serves as a festival-long mock summer camp. Kids can learn to play and sing traditional bluegrass songs, featuring several performance opportunities.

If you have time, swing by the Creekside Stage to learn about the business of bluegrass and opportunities to study music from the International Bluegrass Music Association and Berklee College of Music. Oh, and no need to worry about loud noise at night with the specially marked quiet areas for families that could use some sleep after a long day of music.

If you’re a musician

Starting the minute you move in on Wednesday, musicians roam from all over Grey Fox to partake in their annual Open Mic. On a first come, first serve basis, you and your band (sadly, no solo acts) can play among with musical peers to add your voice to the vast space of Walsh Farm. With continuous jamming throughout the weekend, you can repair your own instrument or buy a new one with the various music vendors throughout the festival. Make sure you drop your name in the raffle as well for your chance to win a Deering banjo or a Beard Resonator guitar.

If you’re a foodie

If you plan on camping for four days, you should plan on buying some meals and snacks along the way. Luckily, Grey Fox offers more variety than your average festival cheeseburger. There is a variety of breakfast food, smoothies, pastries, pizzas, picnic foods, Greek specialties, Thai cuisine, Mexican food, and various vegetarian wraps and entrees.

The festival also features handcrafted beer from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., New York State wines, coffee varieties, and other beverages to pair with your meals. For those with a sweet tooth, make sure to indulge in gourmet ice cream, chocolates, and crepes for that extra sugar rush, with vendors lining the festival common areas.

In addition to loving great music, most Grey Fox attendees fall under some or all of these umbrellas, and with endless kid’s activities, yoga and mediation, musical training, artisan shops and products, and endless food and drink choices, there is bound to be something for everyone, and we can’t wait to see what this year will have in store for us. The countdown is 14 days.

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Otherwise, join in and buy your tickets here.