Bryan McPherson’s Boxing Day and Beyond Tour Making a Stop in Syracuse

Syracuse Skull Collective and NYSMusic are proud to be bringing the Los Angeles-based, Boston-bred folk-punk troubadour Bryan McPherson who is currently on his Boxing Day and Beyond Tour in support of his 3rd album “Wedgewood” is making a stop in Syracuse, N.Y. on Tuesday December 29 at Gorham Brothers Music.
Melding Americana, folk, alternative, and punk into one incendiary, incisive sound, Bryan pays homage to influences such as Bob Dylan, The Sex Pistols, The Violent Femmes, Bruce Springsteen and Ani DiFranco. His self-produced Wedgewood at Flying Whale Studios in the secluded foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. The record boasts unforgettable hooks, soaring melodies and powerful stories.

Wedgewood springs to life with songs that spring to life along on stark yet lush instrumentation mixed with Bryan’s potent cadence. “Here We Go” is a call-to-action with its sharp lyrics and vibrant instrumentation, while “Hearts in Boxcars” depicts a strained love story of two people who must go in different directions. The expansive “Song from the Moon” illuminates the breadth of Wedgewood with its revolutionary characters and spirit.

Touring year-round, Bryan has hit the road many times with punk luminaries Dropkick Murphys, he’s opened for the legendary Chuck Berry. He’s received much critical acclaim, with the San Francisco Bay Guardian praising, “His words aren’t just cerebral ponderings about the state of the government. It is one man belting—at the top of his lungs—his honest, emotional impressions of the world.”

The Details:

Bryan McPherson, Judge Gazza & Dave Mallon at Gorham Brothers Music, 118 Seeley Rd, Syracuse, NY

All Ages Show, Doors at 8pm, Tickets $5.00 and can be purchased at SoundGarden Armory Square or

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