Gwar Killed the Internet at the Town Ballroom

Nobody could hide from the blood and spew Saturday night in Buffalo at the Town Ballroom with GWAR in town. The band brought their best show I have seen to date. Celebrating their 30th year together, the band was sans Vulvatron. She lasted a short but memorable time. Fans were thrilled to see how their costumes and theatrics have improved over last year. In particular, Blothar has fleshed out his costume more elaborately with penis udders and embellishments.

The narrative for this show revolved around “Killing the Internet,” and the screens behind them projected cute kitty photos and other appropriate images. Things started with two rappers in rubber monster costumes of course; playing a terrible indescribable song.

There were some moments of genuine humor — Blothar mentioned a website that ‘My friend Jared from Subway told me about.’ That led to a spirited version of “Baby Raper” complete with the props that you’d expect. Some had to turn and walk away because they couldn’t handle it. Special guest’s appeared such as Hilary Clinton and Kanye West, who were shortly killed after entering the stage. The show climaxed with the dismembering of the giant internet troll. The ending speech was that we should put our phones down and interact with one another face to face.

Battlecross, also on the bill, is a thrash band from Detroit. Their performance was hard to match. They had so much energy on stage, they kept fans entranced throughout the night. They seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves. Playing a handful of songs from their new LP Rise to Power including “Not Your Slave,” “Absence” and “Bound by Fear.” Their set really whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Battlecross have produced three full length albums and tour constantly. They are forever loved in Buffalo and appear frequently there.

Armageddon opened the night. They had replaced Born of Osiris due to an injury. This whole band was under the age of 21. Turns out they are a local band, I feel they could have found someone a little more experienced on such short notice. The guys really did give everything they had on stage that night. This was their biggest show to date and they didn’t let their nerves get the best of them.

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