Hearing Aide: The Nth Power ‘Abundance’

It’s been a long time coming, but The Nth Power has finally delivered their debut album, Abundance, in all of its glory. The band has been around since 2012, and with a stacked lineup of musicians they decided to tour first and hit the festival scene to start growing a fan base. It’s almost unfathomable how they blew up as quickly as they did without an album for people to dig into, but that’s what happens when you’re this talented. Regardless, the wait is finally over! Abundance is being released Friday, November 13, and if you’ve been lucky enough to catch this special act, the album doesn’t fall short of showcasing all that they represent. Just as the band has done live, Abundance is mixed with touches of soul, R&B, funk, and jazz into their own self-defined genre of “Love” and few would disagree.

The band opens up with the strong and powerful overarching message, “Only Love,” evangelizing all that they stand for. It’s been quite sometime that a band has come with a message as potent and strong as The Nth Power bring to the table, both lyrically and through the non-verbal dialogue of their instruments. There is a deep feeling and they’ve really captured the essence of their message overall as it’s felt right from the opening of the album.

The band really puts the rhythm in R&B on the song “Right Now.” With a rhythm section as strong as this band has though, it’s no surprise. Nikki Glaspie [drums], Weedie Braimah [percussion], and Nate Edgar [bass] are all masters of their instruments and give this track some serious teeth that immediately dig in from the opening pattern. The bassist isn’t always called out, but Nate Edgar needs to be commended for his overall work throughout as he does a stellar job all over this record. While never trying to openly stand out with solos, he plays the support role to a degree most bassists could never reach while still churning out some complex lines in the process.

(From L to R) Nate Edgar, Nikki Glaspie, Nick Cassarino, Courtney “Jay’Mel” Smith, and Weedie Braimah

As the album progresses, the feeling of love and joy is thoroughly reinforced in the most uplifting way. The bands tightness and focus on this delivery is something that is a testament to the time they took before releasing the debut. While lyrics aren’t always included in the liner notes these days, Nick Cassarino’s beautiful words were chosen to be laid out. Paging through them in sync with the album, it is clear he put as much effort into them as the band collectively put into developing the music. Nick’s honest and introspective words and heartfelt delivery is matched by his impressive chops on his guitar. You can feel that the band really poured their heart and souls out throughout the musical journey.

The album finishes very strongly with the trio of songs, “Home,” “Soul Survivor,” and “Altar Call.” Each are distinctive in their own right, but make up a solid run to the finish line. “Home” is beautifully introspective, both musically and lyrically, while “Soul Survivor” is where the band takes the time to step away from the lyrics a little and focus on some of the incredible chops they have as musicians. That being said, the chorus on “Soul Survivor” is easily the most anthemic on the album as the band proclaims their ability to survive through hardship. It finishes up with “Altar Call” which could be the most underrated song on the album. The overall construct and ethereal beauty of it can draw out the deepest of emotions. The track is the only one without a lyrical presence and it showcases an elegant and subtle beauty to the band’s musicianship as they explore the meaning of love musically and express it without words.

Overall, Abundance is exactly how The Nth Power should’ve made their debut album. It captures their live energy and delivers on the messaging they’ve settled upon since they formed just a few years back. The musicianship and perspective are a fresh one and one everyone should welcome with open and loving arms. If there’s ever a time for a pick me up or a need for some uplifting, scoop up Abundance and take it for a spin.

If you’d like to pick up The Nth Power’s debut, click here. The band is currently on tour and making several stops throughout New York State in support of the new album. They will be in Woodstock at the Bearsville Theater on Nov. 14, in Buffalo at The Tralf on Nov. 18, and in Brooklyn at The Hall at MP on Nov. 20. Click the respective links to grab tickets and catch them live.

Key Tracks: Only Love, Home, Soul Survivor

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