Hearing Aide: String Cheese Incident ‘The Rhythm of the of Road Vol 2, Live in Las Vegas’

The String Cheese Incident is celebrating their 20th year together as a band. The Rhythm of the Road Vol 2; Live in Las Vegas is a new release for October. This album is successful because the music explores the uniqueness that life can bring.  Each member of The String Cheese Incident comes from a different musical background. These happy differences have lead to the marriage of many genres and twangy Colorado mountain bluegrass.  This album is a live performance that exemplifies how sounds of music can all come together to create whirlwind imagery.

Imagine a bunch of road lovin’ country boys who play music. Along their travels meet a man with a bright twinkle in his eye. Graciously he invites them to a paradise in the caribbean- the place he was born. Right as he waved his arm in the follow me motion the young men were swept over by a soft salty wind. When the dreamy haze settles, they realize they have been instantly transported. Their toes rest on the sand in ‘San Jose’, a land entrancingly unfamiliar.

The imaginary cinema of travels inspired by SCI’s music continue in the back seat of a car.  One close and personal view of just the side of a man’s face and his delicate reflection on the window. Outside of the window is the sound of the winds and the brown, American earth, passing by at fifty-five miles per hour, backroad. Nowhere to be but somewhere; excitement in the unknown of what lays ahead. The performance on ‘Desert Passage Jam’ is filled with bright expression of musical beauty and occasional slow rhythmic bongos create feelings of undeniable appreciation for life that surrounds us.

Key Tracks: San Jose, Got What he Wanted, Desert Passage Jam, Cedar Laurel, Dirk

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