Pat Tiernan Celebration Event at Parish Public House

Parish Public House in Albany will hold A Celebration of the Life and Music of Pat Tiernan on Saturday, Sept. 12. The NYS Music-sponsored show will be hosted by Brian LaPoint & The Joints.

As part of the $5 cover charge for the show, fans will receive a master copy of Tiernan’s original songs upon entry. The disc will include 10 original tracks and one cover track.

Two acts performing at this years event, Brian Lapoint & The Joints and Erin Harkes, also took part in a benefit show shortly after Tiernan’s passing.

Harkes shared memories in an interview after Tiernan’s death:

Because I have no boundaries, I got up and said, ‘Can I sing with you? He nodded, smiled and said go ahead… I apologized for being so bold and went to creep away after the song. He grabbed my arm and said, ‘No, you’re staying.

He told me a joke one time before I went onstage and I could barely perform because I was laughing so hard. He just looked at me, smug and smiling. He knew he had completely ruined the first song for me. I wasn’t even mad because the joke was so funny.

The show will also include the rapidly growing jazz/funk/electro band Formula 5 and the high-energy dance trio Lord Electro.

Tiernan died suddenly at his home on July 24, 2012, at the age of 29. Tiernan as born in Albany and lived in East Greenbush. Pat’s first live stage performance was at 7 years old when he played with his father’s band. Tiernan was focusing on furthering his musical career that fall with a move to Texas before he passed.

The lineup for the event will include:

Erin Harkes – 6 p.m.

18 Strings of Trouble – 7 p.m.

Kyle Albano – 8 p.m.

School Bus Yellow – 9 p.m.

Brian LaPoint & The Joints – 10 p.m.

Formula 5 – 11 p.m.

Lord Electro – midnight


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