Shadows Fall Kicks Off Special Reunion Tour At Upstate Concert Hall

On Friday August 21st, Shadows Fall kicked off their special three date tour at Upstate Concert Hall. Just one year prior to this run, Shadows Fall announced they would be going on a hiatus from touring. With busy schedules and other commitments it didn’t seem like the members of Shadows Fall would be able to play any shows for a long time. Well, the planets aligned and everyone was available to do a special mini tour.

Fans got to the venue early and eagerly waited to see Brian, Jason, Paul, Jon and Matt all take the stage together again. Starting around 10:30pm, Shadows Fall showed no signs that they ever stopped playing together. Fans could easily tell that this group of guys just click together naturally. Although most of the band is still very active in the music world, they definitely don’t have the time to play their Shadows Fall songs on a weekly basis. That being said, the band was spot on from the opening note of the night.

Brian Fair (left) and Jonathan Donais (right) of Shadows Fall

As promised, Shadows Fall played a set filled with songs deep from their catalog. The band hit six different albums including Threads Of Life, Fire From The Sky, Retribution, Of One Blood, The War Within and The Art Of Balance. The energy didn’t stop at all throughout the 18-song set the band ripped through. That energy from the band poured right into the crowd, fueling the circle pits that were going all night. With no barrier between the crowd and the stage, fans were able to hop onto the stage and stage-dive into the crowd. The night ended with “The Light That Blinds” which only left the crowd wanting more. Afterwards, fans stuck around to thank the band for coming back to do this show. Each member of the band took time to hang out, take pictures and sign autographs for everyone.

Singer Brian Fair Of Shadows Fall

After their show at Upstate Concert Hall, Shadows Fall played a show in Providence, RI and then ended the tour in Lowell, MA. The shows were definitely a special treat to fans who thought they had seen the last of the band. First-timers who got to see a show on this tour got to find out first hand what they had missed for the last 15-years or so.

Setlist from – The Power Of I And I, What Drives The Weak, Destroyer of Senses, Weight Of The World, Still I Rise, Redemption, A Fire In Babylon, A Public Execution, Crushing Belial, The First Noble Truth, Stepping Outside The Circle, King Of Nothing, Inspiration On Demand, Thoughts Without Words, Of One Blood, The Light That Blinds

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