Fly 92.3 Summer Jam 2015

The annual Fly 92.3 Summer Jam hit Saratoga Performing Arts Center June 6 this year with a promising line up and beautiful day. Seven diverse yet talented acts were set to preform throughout the day with other activities going simultaneously all throughout the venue from signings to Frisbee to various venders with games and prizes for attendees. It was sure to be an all around fun day for families and young adults alike.

Jake Miller kicked off the event with a high energy and fun set that certainly appealed to the younger demographic at the show. Miller had a quite a few fans at the edge of their section hoping to get as close as possible to sing along to their favorite songs. Miller played a mix of songs off of his most recent release the EP renamed the Dazed and Confused, formerly known as Lion Heart and his full length Us Against Them. Miller’s fans happily sung along to some of their favorite songs and are undoubtedly excited for his upcoming tour this summer.

Warner Bro.’s Records’ Echosmith took the stage next with a fun—filled, high energy set with family fun on stage and in the crowd. Echosmith is comprised of Sydney Sierota and her three brothers Jamie, Noah, and Graham Sierota all of whom bring a unique element to the group dynamic. The group did a fantastic job of getting the crowd to their feet and involved in the set. The group has recently been making quite a name for themselves, even sharing the stage with Taylor Swift a few days after Summer Jam. The group’s first full length was released on Warner Bros. Records in 2013; Talking Dream was very well received and catapulted the family of young musicians into great success. They played a mix of songs off of the record throughout the set and closed out with their most well known song, “Cool Kids”. This song went double platinum in the U.S. and received a great deal of radio play due to its high success. Much like their song “Cool Kids”, their performance at SPAC was very well received by all in attendance. Echosmith are certainly a band to check out for anyone that has not heard of them before.

The next act to take the stage was the most unlike the others on the lineup, B.O.B. and yet was still well received by the crowd. B.O.B. took the stage to play portions of many well known songs including “Strange Clouds” and “Airplanes” both of which received great success with fans. He even threw t-shirts into the crowd and took a “selfie” with each section of the crowd, right, middle and left which had people up and out of their seats hoping to make his Instagram later that evening.

Walk the Moon was up next with quite a few fans extremely excited to see their set. The group has recently been making a strong name for themselves since their 2012 self titled release Walk the Moon. The group played a mix of songs off of their self titled release and their 2014 release Talking Is Hard which received even greater success than the previous release. Among the songs played during Summer Jam were the two most popular releases from these records, “Anna Sun” and “Shut Up and Dance” respectively. Walk the moon are also a band that have great potential and have already taken the stage at many well recognized events and will continue to do so in the future.

Next to take the stage was All Time Low fresh off of their Future Hearts Tour which closed out the prior week and had sold out the last three nights long with other nights throughout the tour so a large crowd was nothing new for the four piece pop- punk band from Baltimore, MD. They started off their 45 minute set with “Satellites” off of their new record, Future Hearts, which was released on Hopeless Records this year. Over 80,000 copies of this record were sold the first week, which made Future Hearts the most successful record for both All Time Low and Hopeless Records. It was also the band’s third time reaching #1 on the Billboard Rock Albums Chart. Their nine song setlist consisted of a mix of songs off of their more recent albums including Nothing Personal (2009), Don’t Panic (2012) and Future Hearts (2015). “Stella,” “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)” and “Weightless” were played off of Nothing Personal. None of these songs making the setlist would come as any great surprise to avid All Time Low fans however, “Therapy” not making the cut was quite a surprise for many in the crowd as it is one of the more sober, slow songs that has become a staple for the group over the years. “Kids in the Dark,” the first single off of their new record and “Somethings Gotta Give,” the second single off of Future Hearts were the only other songs played off of the record which left “Missing You” off the list. With yet another one of the groups few serious songs that have become staples not making the cut it would seem as though the group decided on keeping a faster—paced set for the family friendly event. This would be in keeping with the severely toned down antics the group usually brings to the stage. Jokes often stray into slightly crude, teenage boyish humor and based off of lead guitarist Jack Barakat’s joke about what he was allowed to say on stage it would seem as if they had been instructed to keep everything family friendly. During “Kids in the Dark” Barakat took off and left the stage to run through the audience and play the entire song up at the soundboard which certainly got a rise out of the crowd. They closed out their set with “Dear Maria, Count Me In” off of their 2007 release So Wrong, It’s Right. It is by far one of their most popular songs which is why it comes as no great surprise that the avid fans that were clearly here for All Time Low were singing along passionately, and those new to the group seemed to really enjoy the song as well as the entire performance. After All Time Low closed out their set they were scheduled to have a signing which lead to a mass exodus from the seats to line up to meet the group. After their set it was clear that many in the audience had come to see All Time Low in particular based off the sing along that had been most of their set and the abundance of people who left after the set and signing were over.

Charli XCX was up next and certainly captivated the interests of the young girls in attendance with her performance. She took the stage alongside her two female guitar players in high heels and dresses ready to put on an interesting and enjoyable set. Charli XCX is most known for her part in “I Love It” by Icona Pop and “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, however she has been doing great things on her own including opening up for Katy Perry on the European leg of her Prismatic Tour earlier this year.

When it was time for the last performer to take the stage he was greeted with a very warm, hometown welcome. Sawyer Fredericks certainly knew how to draw a crowd, especially here. Fredericks recently won the popular TV show, The Voice, on NBC. This was his first time taking the stage in the area since that phenomenal victory, so it was a bit of a celebratory performance as well as a wonderful welcome home. Being from the area the chance to play at such a fantastic venue and summer event, let alone headline it was certainly something very special to Fredericks, who took the stage with an enormous smiled painted on his face. That smile did not fade all throughout the evening as he clearly was having as amazing of a time as those in the crowd were. He opened up his set with two of his own songs both of which were extremely well received and already loved by the crowd as the majority sung along happily. Lighters and phone lights lit up the orchestra seating and were scattered throughout the lawn for Fredericks’ second song, which made for a stunning sight to see. This young man has an outstanding voice and very charismatic personality; it would have been impossible not to enjoy his set! Signs were held up all throughout the set and t-shirts were proudly worn all day expressing individual’s (and family’s) support of Fredericks during The Voice and going forward from that victory. It was clear the area is quite proud of the young man from their hometown who has worked so hard to achieve his dream and will continue to support him going forward. Although Fredericks is not yet signed to a label with the support he has received and will continue to have, he will continue to make his hometown supporters proud and will certainly grow as a musician in the upcoming months.

With a lineup of talented and engaging artists, a beautiful day, and the hard work of so many this years Fly 92.3 Summer Jam was a huge success. The event was a fun-filled event for the whole family and undoubtedly left attendees looking forward to next year’s show.

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