Nick Piccininni and Jason Barady Debut October Downs at Ray Brothers BBQ

On Friday March 20, Ray Brothers BBQ in Bouckville, NY put aside their finger-licking good recipes for some finger-picking good country music. Shortly after a packed house of hungry locals finished up with their hickory-smoked rib baskets, they open-heartedly welcomed the Nick Piccininni Band for an evening of hip-shakin’ entertainment. Nick and Jason Barady of Floodwood took advantage of their time away from the open road to form another project, adding Sean Gaffney (The Crazy Fools) on the mean 4-string bass guitar and Lenny Milano Jr. (Nikki and the Dappers) on drums. Scheduled as the NPB, the group surprised the audience by announcing their new name and the unofficial debut of October Downs.

Ray Brothers BBQ
Bouckville, NY

The dinner hours dwindled down and folks turned their attention to the band as soon as they started checking their instrument levels. Nick graciously thanked the venue and the audience as the band slipped right into an original song called “Who Got Who?” from Nick’s solo album titled The Door’s Open. With a charming way to open with an original song, the band then turned up the heat with Kenny Chesney’s “Summertime,” The Band’s “Ophelia,” and “Mud on the Tires” by Brad Paisley. Upon warming the hearts of the audience, the quartet presented another original called “Men & Boys.” Performing a few more covers in excellent fashion and some fan favorites to boot, were, “Friend of the Devil,” “Soulshine,” and “Somebody Like You.” Before taking a short break to mingle, October Downs offered up 2 more originals to close out the first set.

Nick Piccininni (left)
Jason Barady (right)

Since beginning the show with an original song, it was not difficult for these talented entertainers to show the crowd that it could be done again with style, pouring into “A Night in June,” followed by a bundle of popular covers to please the country craving fans. Midway through the set, the assemblage of artists hit their peak with a heavy “Cripple Creek,” escorted by Sean Gaffney on vocals and led into the Keith Urban hit, “Little Bit of Everything.” With a few songs remaining on the clock, the fellas pulled an impressive audible and jammed out “Rude” by MAGIC!, which was requested by one of the bartenders. Closing this delicious evening of mouth-watering food and music, October Downs gave Ray Brothers BBQ one last original titled “Thorns & Roses” which ended with cheer and substantial gratitude from everyone there.

Amidst a satisfying debut, October Downs will be performing more around central New York throughout the spring and summer. Be sure to catch them at Lukin’s Pizzeria in Utica, NY on April 10th and stay up to date by following Nick Piccininni on Facebook and his website below.


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