Film Review: Ouija

Ouija was released on October 24, 2014 and I was one of the millions of people who was looking forward to this movie. Ouija is directed by Stiles White, known for his work on The Sixth Sense (1999), Knowing (2009) and Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994).

I now regret spending money on this film. The film was done rather professionally and the effects were great. But the plot and cast were terrible. The only good thing was Ouija had a few good scenes where the audience jumped. I closed my eyes a few times because I was predicting when to be scared and when I thought I was about to be scared something would jump out on the screen. But that was one of the many cons of the movie: it was rather predictable.

The movie starred actors and actresses that no one knows about, a rather young cast trying to make an impact on the Young Hollywood scene. These stars included Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff, Bianca A. Santos, Douglas Smith and Shelley Hennig.

Ouija began with younger versions of Cooke (Laine) and Hennig (Debbie) playing with a Ouija board. It flashes to the present of them as teenagers and Debbie is seen burning a Ouija board and Laine calls her and says that she has not seen her in a few days. Debbie denies wanting to hang out with Laine and that she is fine and that she was using a Ouija board and it freaked her out. Laine let her be and the next thing we know, Debbie becomes possessed and hangs herself by a string of lights.

For the rest of the movie, Laine and her friends are using the Ouija board to get into contact with Debbie to see why she killed herself. The group of friends figure out that while they are using the Ouija board they are not talking with Debbie, they are talking to an evil spirit(s) and a scary ghost child with her mouth sewn shut. As you can guess, people become haunted and are killed off one by one by this haunted Ouija board.

The plot was just overall terrible. The movie could have ended multiple times but it kept going on and on. The one thing that I could not stand was that the casting director decided to make Laine’s sister, Sarah (Ana Coto) a rebel child with the skulls and leather. Sarah is seen leaving a mysterious car and the audience is told by Laine that it is some older guy that Sarah has been seeing. That was it. The story did not go into any further detail when the car shows up multiple times. Sarah brings this up to Laine when she is caught sneaking out, saying, “You’re not mom.” The sisters are brought up by their dad but nowhere in the movie do they bring up what happened to the mom. What was the point of having these scenes if they were no way relevant to the plot?

Ouija was not worth the hype that it caused. It is literally a movie that middle school kids would brag about seeing because they saw a horror movie. It reminded me of the Scary Movie series. Most of the movie was laughable. But if you’re looking for horror, you will not find it in this movie.

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