Summer is a Naked Turtle in Plattsburgh

You know summer has arrived when the Naked Turtle in Plattsburgh opens its doors.

The downtown restaurant has booked Glass Onion for two nights, Friday, May 23rd and Saturday, May 24th at 10 pm.  The jam band is a local favorite that frequents the Naked Turtle.  Below is a video of one of their shows, covering Phish’s Sample in a Jar back in 2008.

The Naked Turtle will also host “Turtle Thursdays” with broadcasts from FM 95 Triple-X, Burlington, Vermont’s Top-40 radio station.

The live entertainment continues to play out at the Monopole, where Doom & Friends take the stage Friday, May 23rd at 10 pm. It marks the first of two nights of live music, where Doom & Friends will be followed by Annie in the Water on Saturday.

Next week, The ROTA Studio and Gallery, at 50 Margaret Street, is promoting a show on their Facebook Page for Sorry Mom, Irradiated Beef, and Ground Zero, to play at the gallery on Friday, May 30th.

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