Experimental Artist Federico Aubele releases new single “Old Spanish Films”

Federico Aubele has released the second single “Old Spanish Films” from his upcoming album The Holographic Moon, out May 27.

Federico Aubele
Federico Aubele was born in Buenos Aires but now lives and works in Brooklyn. Credit: Desdemona Dallas

The song is about a relationship coming to an end after the two people acknowledge an inevitable incompatibility.  

[It’s based] on the realization that a relationship I was in was built on projections, from both people in it, and didn’t have any real foundation.
The end of the relationship was obviously sad. But in hindsight I can see that for the brief amount of time we were together we did give each other something valuable that we needed at the time, mostly companionship.

Federico Aubele

His deep baritone and penchant for downtempo melancholy offer a rumination on things lost. His relationship may have ended but it didn’t lose its value. His signature vocals envelopes the acoustic guitar that glides through the track to create a sense of something lost but, nonetheless, appreciated.

In a first for the Brooklyn based Argentine singer songwriter he also directed the video for “Old Spanish Films.” The Camcorder and Walkman in the video are meant to evoke a gone-by era of your life, to represent things that were once precious and now only their memory is.

Aubele’s overt pursuit of experimentation may not be for all. But “Old Spanish Films” is worth a listen at least just to satisfy your curiosity.

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